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Gay Sitges

Cruising spots:

Many of the bars have dark rooms and play spaces, but there's plenty of action al fresco too. Active cruising takes place all day among the rocks behind the Playa del Muerto gay beach, and among the trees across the train tracks above the beach. Be wary on the tracks, as trains tear out of the tunnel with little warning at great speed.
The city's beachfront esplanade gets cruisiest after the families head for their homes or hotels. Some of the young guys leaning on the walls or seated on the benches are entrepreneurs, looking for around 50 euros. There's little danger of harm, except from theft, if you're too careless with your valuables.

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Besides Catalan and Spanish, English is widely spoken in Sitges, and you'll hear Dutch, French, German, Italian, even Russian these days. But English is the language most people fall back on here, especially in the gay community, to bridge the divide between all these nationalities. No surprise then that the major websites are in English, and then a few of the other languages too. Here are some of the sites to keep you updated on what's happening in town:,, and

Gay and nude beaches:

The downtown gay beach is between the Red Cross hut and Picnic Restaurant on the boardwalk. A more exclusively gay nudist beach, Playa del Muerto, is a 45-minute hike south, past the last hotel and the golf course, up the hillside path beyond the L'Atlantida parking lot to the pebble beach on the other side. You can cut 30 minutes off the journey if you take a taxi to L'Atlantida parking lot.
Another nude but mixed beach to the northeast, Playa dels Balmins is along the coastal path, up the hill and beyond the cemetery. You'll know when you've arrived.