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Gay Jakarta, Java

Schmutzer Primate Center:

Among largest primate houses in the world, gorillas, chimpanzees & orangutans. Facilities designed so animals can decide to be seen, or not; natural food sources growing in the enclosures; swinging canopy bridges to experience life in the trees. Breeding center to contribute to wild populations by releasing healthy apes and monkeys to natural habitats. The nearby Ragunan Zoo is a 363 acre park of many trees and over 3,000 animals.
Thousand Islands Resort | Kepulauan Seribu:

76-105 coral islands, more or less, depending on tides, 45 km north of the city. Day excursion marine environment, escape from the big, hot, busy city for diving, snorkeling, fishing, & lazy beach time. Marine nature conservation area: coral reef ecosystem of fish, giant clams, colorful sea worms, coastal birds & turtles.