A place of great beauty, Prathet Thai, "land of the free," this country has stunning landscapes, tropical vegetation, idyllic beaches, shimmering temples of gold, and people who are generous with their smiles. The foundations of this society are Buddhism and the monarchy. Even taxi drivers at work will stop at small temples to make offerings and pray; and at 6pm each day people across Bangkok stand quietly to pay their respect to the king. Self-assured, fiercely independent, Thais are proud to have stood alone in resisting European colonization of the region.

Buddhist culture has uncommonly relaxed perspectives on sexuality and gender roles. To outsiders' eyes, women working construction jobs alongside men in hard hats, while some men dance in bars in tiny thongs or less, doing sex work with men but living otherwise straight lives, might appear odd. And ladyboys, who don't outrage or scandalize anyone, occupy a sort of third-gender social niche, hard to imagine in most countries. In Buddhist traditions, life has far more important concerns, sexual knowledge is not immoral or depraved per se, and such matters are personal or family affairs. This attitude sometimes disorients foreigners who binge (so little time, so many opportunities), but Thais think of sex as a kind of appetite -- to enjoy, to partake of in any or all it's varieties, but in moderation.


Gay rights

Thai culture has traditionally been more accepting of fluid sexuality and gender ambiguity. Thai men, as appreciative of youth, vitality and bodies beautiful as anyone, can be less obsessed with body types or age than their Europe and American counterparts. Sodomy was decriminalized in 1956, and gay and transgendered people have been able to serve in the armed forces since 2005. There is not total equality, however. While sex among men is not particularly remarkable, self-identified gay men may not become monks, and there are no same-sex marriages or partnership rights. Prostitution, technically illegal, is an important part of the economy, so widely tolerated if with partners over 18 years old. The age of consent is officially 15, but various legal caveats make it 18 in practice. Check out for more on cruising. Gay Pride Bangkok has taken place each November in the Patpong district in years past.


Getting here

Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the country’s main gateway. The gleaming new facility, about 20 miles southwest of the city has been taking over international flights from the old Don Muang Airport. To get to your hotel, look for the "Taxi Meter Hire" stand. Fares to the center are $10 to $12. The Airport Rail Link began operations in August 2010 with local service every 15 minutes, and express departures every half hour, 6am to midnight. There are eight Bangkok stops between Phaya Thai and Suvarnabhumi, taking 15-30 minute trip for the full distance, depending on the line.

Train Travel in Thailand (The Man in Seat 61) is a good website for train times & fares for popular routes into and out of Bangkok.


Getting around

Bangkok is hot and crowded, with difficult-to-navigate tangles of streets -- even with a map. In some areas you might find yourself in someone's home, thinking you're on a public sidewalk. Traffic is bad, but the subway system and overhead Sky Trains provide cool, convenient and inexpensive transportation. Water taxis plying the Chao Phraya River are one of the best ways to travel, costing a few baht to see the city in all its splendor. For public transportation and pass information see BTS.

Tuk-tuks, speedy, three-wheeled motorcycles plying downtown streets, are another way to get around. Check with locals for fare advice to avoid inflated tourist rates, then agree on price with the driver before leaving.

English names for businesses, places or streets have a confusing variety of spellings as there's no standard transliteration for writing Thai words in the Roman alphabet. Google or printed maps, or even businesses on the same street rarely agree. Some businesses have Thai instructions "for taxi drivers" on their website, to print out, or display on your gizmo for a cabbie. Even English-language addresses are tricky, with one soi, and then another, branching off a main street. Venturing outside the central tourist area is easiest with someone in the know.

Cooler months from November to April are peak tourist season, see TourismThailand or Whats-On-Thailand for general information. Purple Dragon does gay and lesbian alternative tours, without the emphasis on sex.  Budget airlines such as Airasia, Nokair and Fireflyz provide cheap flights throughout Thailand and to neighboring countries.



By the Chao Phraya River, the Silom and Surawong Roads district has a thriving scene of restaurants, karaoke bars, saunas, massage spas, and go-go bars. It's where most gay visitors head first to see the uninhibited strip shows, and more. Clubs might have a dozen to several dozen dancers, and anyone who tickles your fancy may be engaged for some private time alone. The mamasan will help with arrangements, or language difficulites. Besides companion costs, there are house charges and tips to pay. For small tips many dancers encourage hands-on explorations in the club. Lumphini Park, off Thanon Rama IV, can be quite cruisy, especially at dusk along east-side paths.

Few tourists make it so far, but a few of the intrepid might see another area of gay pubs and saunas in the Ramkhamhaeng Road area, a district best explored with Thai friends. English is less frequently spoken here, and most Thais are looking for Thais, but simpatico outsiders are welcome enough if friendly and respectful of local ways. The clubs here are more laid-back social meeting places, with far fewer commercial sexual overtones. Khamphengphet Road, Sukhumvit Road and Saphan Kwai (Pradiphat) are home to similar scenes and to some of the best gay dance clubs in Bangkok. Most of this other Thai gay world is invisible and inaccessible to tourists, but over 50 more gay bars, massage spas, and bathhouses are listed by local guides outside the central tourist district - either without websites or published only in Thai.

Straight friends may head for the Phrakorn/Banglampu area, up-river a bit, to the legendary Khao San Road. This favorite on the old backpacker/hippy trail is still full of inexpensive hostels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and services. Mainline movies enjoy the joke of knowing (or not) the ladyboys from the girls, here in this international party scene. Blame it on the whiskey.


What to do

The Grand Palace, the Wat Phra Kaew complex, and the Wat Pho and Wat Arun temples are magnificent sights. The National Museum has many artifacts of ancient Siam. The nearby National Gallery Museum houses traditional and contemporary works by Thai artists. For more see the websites

In peaceful Dusit Gardens the Vimanmek Teak Mansion is a museum dedicated to King Rama V.
Boat trips on the Chao Phraya River depart every half hour from Sathorn pier with cruises to places of historical interest. See Tour-Bangkok-Legacies for details on these and other destinations.

Trips to the Floating Market of Damnoen Saduak in Ratchaburi may be arranged through A&F Tour (120 Silom Rd; 66-2-266-5105); also Phra Pathom Chedi, the holiest Thai structure, on the way at Nakhon Pathom, 35 miles south of Bangkok. A&F books travel throughout Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Out Adventures also offers LGBT tours, with ten-day "Travel in Syle" groups of 4-12 -- from Bangkok nightlife and restaurants to the temples of Chiang Mai.

The Bangkok Opera “the operatic hub of Southeast Asia” produces four operas at the Thailand Cultural Center and other venues.

The Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theatre presents Thai classical performing arts with traditional small puppets, at Asiatique, The Riverfront, shopping, dining, and entertainment complex. Also here is Calypso Cabaret, with elaborate ladyboy lip-synch stage shows.

Muay Thai boxing contests take place each evening at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on Rama IV Road, accompanied by traditional music players.

At the National Theatre, performances include Khon Mask & Lakhon Thai classical dance dramas.

See these and more, such as the Jim Thompson House, at our events & experiences page.


Currency and Money

The local currency is the Thai baht. Each baht is divided into 100 satang, so getting used to the currency won’t take you long. For current exchange rates consult an online site such as XE. You’ll find ATMs, but mostly in urban areas. Inform your local bank of travel plans before departure for smooth credit card transactions, and ask if Thai partner banks can save on cash withdrawal fees.

Media and resources

Out in Thailand, and Thai Puan are magazine-style websites with news and features about gay life in Thailand. Gay Thailand has Bangkok listings and forum pages with recent updates, as well as other Thai destinations. GThai is another useful website

Nicky's Gay Bangkok is a guide to the city with foreign visitors in mind, from the source of the best guide to Pattaya. SiamOut is another gay website, intended for locals, in Thai only.

Travel Gay Asia has listings for SE Asia, Japan, China, Indonesia and Sydney Australia, with good coverage of nine destinations in Thailand.

Utopia is a well-established and comprehensive gay guide to most major Asian cities, including Bangkok -- particulary useful for those who head off the beaten tourist track. Bangkok City Boys photo albums and video clips are a little dated now, but still a window into gay life here.

The Gay Passport guide, written by locals and expats who live here, features some of their favorite Bangkok clubs, bars, saunas, restaurants and hotels.

The Bangkok Post, "the world's window on Thailand," has English language news, food reviews, plus arts and entertainment listings. TravelFish lists good, inexpensive lodgings for backpackers and budget travelers, in Bangkok and elsewhere in the region.

For general listings of hotels, restaurants, shops and events around town, is a good website from Bangkok Magazine with a first timers guide to the city. Tourism Thailand covers the whole country.

For locations and website links to businesses listed below, and more, see our gay Bangkok map & listings pages.


Going Out in Bangkok

Silom/Surawong area
The Silom subway (MRT) stop and the Sala Dang Sky Train (BTS) station serve the Silom-Surawong district, just off the Rama IV main road, the side opposite Lumphini Park. This popular gay tourist destination has a profusion cafe/bars, sports bars, cabaret showbars, go-go dance clubs, restaurants, late-night discos and massage services crowding each narrow side street (Soi in Thai). Many of these are lined with terrace tables for kicking back and just watching the busy world walk by.

Silom Soi 4, where many people begin their evening, has a cluster of bars, and restaurants - turn right a short distance up Silom from the station.
Silom Soi 2 and Silom Soi 2/1, between the the BTS and MRT stations, have a later scene with some of the area's best dance clubs. Silom 2 has a minimum age restriction of 20.
Between Surawong and Rama IV, Soi Pratuchai, (aka Duangthawee Plaza or Soi Twilight) is the red light district, home to a dozen or so bars, go-go boy clubs, and massage establishments. A few more of the same can be found in streets on the other side of Surawong. Nearby short-term hotel rooms provide discreet spaces to relax with a go-go dancer you fancy. See our map for overview, zoom-in locations, and website links where available.

Silom/Surawong bars, cafes and restaurants
Some clubs have been around for years, others, mostly small bars, come and go frequently and no guide can keep up with them. In this area consider them all to be gay-friendly.

4 Sports (114/6 Silom Rd, soi 4), large-screen TV sports bar, jukebox music, games, buffet spreads, holiday feasts.
Balls (soi Pratuchai), at Rama IV end, with entrance from the main street, draft beers, cocktails, sports on TV, pool games, terrace seating, open from 5pm.
BAS (114/5, Silom Rd soi 4), cocktail lounge at quieter end of the street, more relaxed and laid-back, pleasant staff, music at conversation-comfortable volume.
Balcony (86-88 Silom Rd, soi 4) bar and restaurant, known for tasty cocktails, two popular terraces, and friendly staff. Upstairs at the karaoke bar they have periodic cabaret nights. Across the street Tiger Terrace with 6pm-1am Happy Hours is a Balcony Bar sibling bar. 
Bearbie Bar (82 Silom Rd, Soi 4, upstairs), bears and friends, Thai "Chub & Chasers" meeting place; warm color metro-retro decor, big sofas to cuddle or sprawl, best karaoke equipment in the area.
Bug & Bee Café (18 Silom), near BTS Sala Daeng station, eclectic menu includes curried crab, stuffed squid, shrimp, fettuccini, teriyaki, crepes, massaman chicken, set lunches, teas and fruit smoothies.
Coffee Society (12/3 Silom) 24/7 caffeine fixes, internet access, patio seating, cozy lounge, British breakfasts, all-day meals and snacks include Thai food, seafood, pizza, burgers, as well as veggie and vegan options.
Connections Bar (114/15 Silom soi 4), host bar and restaurant next to Telephone Pub, overlooking busy gay street, theme parties, mixed gay crowd.
Dick's Cafe Bangkok (894/7-8 soi Pratuchai) quiet oasis on a bustling street where early birds get the best seats. Thai and western breakfast, brunch, dinner and late-night snacks, plus wide selections of cocktails, wine, beer and spirits.
Diamond Pub & Restaurant (60/17 Silom soi 2 1/2), former @Richard's, neighborhood gay beer pub, local expats and Thai friends, nicely priced Thai and Italian food; massage services.
JJ Park (Silom soi 2) nightclub next to DJ Station, same management, same crowd, singers and stage shows, live music performances, chill-out space, mixed Thai/ western. Club Café, the Expresso and the Patio are chill-out zones, also part of the JJ Park group. A minimum age of 20 is required.
Maxis Bar & Restaurant (soi Pratuchai) Thai and western meals, stylish cocktail lounge, second floor balcony and open air terrace.
One Night Only (Silom soi 4), new-concept upscale cocktail lounge owned by East-West young gay couple, indoor and outdoor seatings, DJ music, entertainment, international crowd.
Silom Society (12/3 Silom Rd), Society Cafe at ground level open 24-hours daily with WiFi; upstairs Thai/western restaurant, mixed/all welcome bar/lounge club, top floor hostel rooms.
Scorpion Bar (soi Pratuchai), small terrace bar overlooking all the action in the red light district, friendly and welcoming staff.
Sphinx Bar & Restaurant (Silom soi 4, far end) award-winning Thai and international food, good wines, central location, indoor or al fresco terrace seating; upstairs Pharaoh's karaoke music bar.
Stranger (Silom Soi 4), two-level New York style cocktail bar and lounge next to Telephone Pub, mezzanine, dance beats, lively atmosphere.
Sugar Bowl Bar & Restaurant (Silom soi 4), terrace bar and restaurant at beginning of Soi 4, Thai and International food, party evenings.
Telephone Pub (Silom soi 4), longtime favorite bar local legend, restaurant, shows, parties, karaoke and dancers, many ages and nationalities; helpful website with pdf map of Silom district, news, videos, photos and links.

Silom/Surawong go-go bars
These clubs can also change frequently. Touts at street level will quickly indicate where new places have opened --often in the same building, or else nearby.
Boys Bangkok (38/3-6 soi Pratuchai) good shows twice nightly, part of the Best Boys group of many dancers.
Classic Boys (soi Pratuchai), large stage of dancing boys, water tank shows.
Dream Boys (38/3-6 soi Pratuchai) above Boys Bangkok, also Best Boys group, with big studs to fey twinks, explicit and big cock shows on two stages.
Fresh Beach Boys (soi Pratuchai), older than average dancers, big cock shows, up-close stage views.
Hot Male Boys (soi Pratuchai), more mature guys go-go dancer shows.
Jupiter 2002 (Thaniya soi 2, off Suriwong Rd) fast paced more muscular go-go dancers, shower and foam shows, erotic big cock parades.
Male Pub Karaoke (soi Anuman Ratchathon), aka Hot Male, a bit of everything beer/host bar, go-go boy dancers, goes late nights & gets randy.
Nature Boys (soi Anuman Ratchathon, off Thantawan), small raunchy go-go boy bar where anything goes, dancers j-o onstage, clients too.
Screw Boys (Patong soi 2, Surawong) go-go dancers, plenty of contact opportunities, live sex shows, open later than most other bars.
Tawan Men's Club (2/2 soi Tantawan, Surawong) amiable muscle men get off nightly onstage, offer massage onsite or off.
X-Boys / X-Size (soi Pratuchai), two hot go-go clubs, large selection of nice looking, younger, friendly guys, decent music. X-Size also has a small downstairs chill-out bar with pool tables.

Out in the Sukhumvit area, Inter Mustache’s House (23/12-13 soi Sukhumvit, soi 10) has go-go boys who dance for a lively young Thai party crowd, plus karaoke.

Dance clubs, Silom/Surawong and beyond

App Pub (App Arena, 76/4 Ratchada Soi 8, Huai Khwang), gay dance/ party club, go-go dancers, shows, theme parties, young locals' late crowd; touchy-feely hands on the dancers. Best visited with local friends if you don't speak Thai.
Atlantiis (56/19-22 Ratchadapisek soi 4, Huai Khwang), stylish gay club, cabaret stage performances, sexy male go-go dancers, DJ music sets.
Bed Supper Club (26 Sukhumvit Soi 11), no more Think Pink gay nights, but fashionable dining and nightly late dancing with top DJs.
Castro RCA (29/59-64 Royal City Av, block C), very Thai crowd Friday/Saturday gay bar & dance club, go-go boys, shower & drag shows, special holiday events.
Disco Disco (Silom soi 2), spill-over club from DJ Station, with whom they share manager and 20-and-over only policy, diva disco music.
DJ Station (Silom soi 2), popular 20+ gay disco, comedy and drag shows, over-the-top glamour, mostly Thai crowd on ground floor, Western/Thai mix upstairs, busiest on weekends after midnight, pre-club chill-out lounge and coffee bar next door.
G.O.D. Bangkok (60/18-21 Silom Soi 2/1) shirtless men groove to hard house and funk on large dance floor; expats, tourists, locals, most crowded after 2am.
Fake Club (32/60 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Chan Kasem), disco in the University district, young gay Thai crowd, go-go dancers, busy late most nights, outdoor tables, cafe; go with Thai friends.
G-Star Pavilion (622 Soi Lim Thong, Huai Khwang), mostly young, gay, very Thai dance and show club, K-Pop, go-go boys and ladyboy shows; far off the tourist track, not unfriendly to foreigners but best experienced with Thai friends.
Wave Club (Ramkhamhaeng soi 89/2), big, late disco with go-go boys, popular with Thai students. One of several gay clubs in the Lamsari Complex near Ramkhamhaeng University, outside regular tourist stomping grounds. Former ICK and Singapore site.
g-Circuit sponsors annual parties that include three nights of Song Kran Thai New Year celebrations in mid-April, drawing people from all over Asia. See our events tab. Sundance Asia is another big annual gay dance party festival for three days during the New Years celebrations.


Saunas & massage, Silom/Surawong and beyond
Bangkok has a lot of saunas and even more massage spas, along with internet massage services that will send young men of your choice to your hotel room. Those catering strictly to Thai clients are easy to spot with Thai-only language websites, found on local guides. A wide variety of massage techniques and durations are offered by an army of young men, of all kinds. In most cases the masseur will finish you up with (in the local euphemism) a "happy ending," and four or eight-hand sessions are also an option. Some places are primarily in the business of getting you off, while others focus on the massage. Many fall somewhere between the two, or leave this up to you.

See our map & listings pages for more locations.
Thai Massage Boy has information on many of the massage services. Local website Nicky's Gay Bangkok also pays extra special attention to local massage spas (including personal experiences at many). Travel Gay Asia does a great job with listings of both bathhouse and massage options.

Adonis (44/11 soi Convent, Silom) massage for men by men, luxury rooms in renovated Silom townhouse, large selection of handsome masseurs, free parking, seven day service with weekend hours until 11:30pm.
Arena Spa Bangkok (Silom Plaza upstairs, 491 Silom Rd), handsome muscular men-for-men strong and deep massage and other services.
Babylon Bangkok (34 soi Nadhna, Sathorn) wide range of accommodations, lavish sauna complex, pool, gym, dark steam room, massage services, restaurants, wild cabaret, erotic and drag shows. All of man's pleasures in one place.
Best Massage (Silom 64, upstairs), look for young guys in club uniforms in the street in front of the KFC/Pizza Hut, take your pick and follow him upstairs; good service at a reasonable price.
Bonny Massage (soi Pratuchai), red light district, oil massages, body scrubs, body-to-body rubs, 4 hands and hot candles, open late. See the guys on their website
Candle Paradise Spa (18/464 Rama 4 City Court) escape stress and hassles with premium spa therapy and massage in a warm, comfortable, private and peaceful environment.
Chakran Sauna (32 soi Ari 4, off Phaholyothin soi 7) fully equipped sauna, upscale decor, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, WiFi, mostly Thai and Asian clientele.
Dejavu (Ladprao soi 122, Klong Chan), men's cruise club, naked orgy nights, mask parties, mostly locals' scene.
EDOK - Erotic Divine Oops Kinky Sauna (72/5 Somdet Phra Chao Taksin Rd), men's steam and sauna on three floors, private cabins, live shows, karaoke, local Thai crowd.
Farose Sauna (108/3 Pradipat 19), 5-level sauna in Saphan Kwai; steam, cabins, dark room, rooftop deck, mostly young Thai crowd.
Farose II Fitness & Sauna (Ramkhamhaeng 21, Soi 2), large men's sauna facility, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tropical garden, gym, cabins, dark room, dance and karaoke club, restaurant, mostlly Thais.
Guy Spa (28/7 Sukhumvit 19, Klongtoey Nua, Wattana), full-body sensual massage, body scrubs, private personal spa service, 24-hour model escorts.
Heaven Sauna (119 soi Mahesak, Silom, 4th floor) steam room, sauna, rooftop spa, garden near Skytrain station Surasak, popular with local office crowd and bears.
Homme Club (21/3 Saledaeng soi 1), near Saladaeng BTS station, private massage rooms, each with shower; not cheap by local standards but value-for-money quality massage services from professional and handsome staff.
Jey Spa (15/1 Soi Sukhumvit 41), loving touch massage, four hands, deep relaxation techniques, happy endings.
K-Male (688/58 Laksi Square, Changwattana Rd), men's club for total relaxation, sensual oil, milk massages, body scrubs, rooms with private showers.
Macho Sauna (Borommaratchachonnani Rd 15), across the river, mainly Thai/Asian crowd, hard-core men's naked/erotic zone, underwear nights; open until 6am, food service.
Men Factory Sauna (Silom Soi 2/1), open daily to 6am, sauna, steam, bar, gym, private rooms, internet, naked nights, hardcore erotic and hunk shows, gets some after-closing disco crowd.
Mind Sauna (1112/112-113 Sukhumvit soi 48, Prakhanong, KhlongToei), men's steam sauna, cabins, karaoke, massage services, local Thai crowd.
Muffill Sauna (36 Lat Phrao soi 113), men's sauna on two levels, steam, cabins, Jacuzzi, dark room, stripper shows, open late until 6am, local Thai crowd.
Nine Spa (296/2 Sukhumvit 31, Mona Suite, 2nd floor), oil, cream, traditional Thai massage services, aroma and hydrotherapy, body scrubs.
The Prince Men’s Spa (253/4 Suanplu Soi 6, Sathorn), luxurious facility with 34 rooms, massage services, VIP room with entertainment center, photos online.
R-3 Sauna (502/373 Ratchada Soi 3; Silom), 24-hour gay sauna/steam, with gym, Jacuzzi, dark maze, playspaces, cabins, video room, snack bar, and WiFi; mostly local crowd.
Sauna Mania (35/2 soi Phipat 2, off soi Convent, Sathorn) small gym, rooftop terraces, Sunday naked nights, dark room, wide range of ages, mostly Thais looking for Thais.
Senso (5/8 soi Saladaeng, Silom) men for men erotic massage spa, open daily 2-11pm, well-equipped, each room with shower, wide range of masseurs, hotel outcalls, and escort services.
Spa Bangkok (491/17 Silom), serious massage services at the Thai Airways Building; Ministry of Health certified therapists, member discounts, day guests.
Underground 39 (1511/39 Phaholyothin), Phaya Thai by Saphan Kwai BTS Station, 4-floor sauna popular with younger Thais, sauna, gym, cruise area, roof deck, underwear and naked nights, orgy sessions.
Urban Male Massage (24/6 Sukhumvit 23) modern intimate boutique spa for men, spacious showers, private rooms, aroma therapy, highly skilled and personable masseurs.

Several gay saunas CLOSED in 2014: Albury Men's Club (71/1 soi Sukhumvit 11, Sukhumvit Rd); Aqua Spa (34 soi Nadhna, Sathorn); Bangkok 10 Sauna (650 Thanon Si Phraya, Bangrak); S Sauna (1873-15/17 Phahonyotin Soi 37, Sena Center), the former Gaya, then HiJack; and Troy Sauna (639/9 Ladprao Soi 5, Ladyao Jatujuck).


Bangkok Accommodations

Baan Saladaeng (69/2 Soi Saladaeng), central guesthouse with 11 boutique rooms and suites, big buffet breakfast, laundry services, WiFi.
Babylon Bangkok (34 soi Nandha, S Sathon Rd, soi 1) sauna, nightclub, restaurant, gym and cabaret shows; all male pleasures. Inexpensive bed and breakfast rooms to garden or penthouse suites, plus three luxurious Botticelli House suites in 1920 Colonial-Thai style, manicured gardens.
Bandara Suites Silom (75/1 Saladaeng, Silom), big rooms, suites with kitchen, two pools, good location, reasonable rates, gay-friendly service, business center, restaurant/bar, sauna/gym.
Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel (21/100 S Sathon Rd), new high-rise 5-star luxury resort and spa, 327 rooms/suites, dining, full amenities.
Bally's Studio Suites (10 Silom Road Soi 2) boutique served residence, 53 fully furnished apartments, near all Silom nightlife, 24 hour security, satelite TV and Wi-Fi, in-house coffee shop and bar.
BBB Inn (918 Rama 4 Rd, Silom), clean modern inexpensive, overnight or short-term rooms near go-go bars; private bath, double-glass quiet, 24-hour room service, TV, Wi-Fi access, fridges, multi-lingual staff, laundry facilities.
Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok (155 Rajadamri Rd) 354 room, full service, luxury hotel with full amemities.
Furama Xclusive Sathorn (59 Silom soi 3, Phipat 2) rooms and suites, restaurant, pool, sauna, exercise room, in-room massage, near shopping and nightlife.
Glow Trinity Silom (150, Soi Phiphat 2, Silom), newly renovated large rooms, good location, gay-friendly staff, pool, sun deck, restaurant, WiFi.
The Heritage Silom (198 Soi Narathivas 3, Silom), gay-popular modern rooms next to BTS Chong Nonsi Station, pool, fitness area, sun deck, restaurants and bars, WiFi.
HQ Hostel (5/3-4, Silom Soi 3; 2 233-1598), central location, ultra-budget prices, backpacker dorm lodgings, rooms, 24/7 check-in/out, WiFi.
IBIS Sathorn (Soi Ngam Duphli Rama IV, Sathorn) modern rooms, restaurant and bar, wi-fi, breakfast until noon, in the heart of gay scene.
LeMeridien Hotel Bangkok (40/5 Surawong Road) 282 room hotel with full amenities just steps from gay district and Patpong Night Market.
Luxx (6/11 Decho Rd, Silom; 2-635-8800) modern rooms, studios and suites with wood bathtubs, near bars, American breakfast included.
LuxxXL (82/8 Langsuan, Pathumwan) near Lumphini Park, suites and executive rooms, large pool with bar, WiFi.
Muse Hotel Bangkok Langsuan (55/555 Langsuan Road), luxury high-rise boutique hotel, 174 rooms, pool, fitness, restaurants, bars, full amenities.
Malaysia Hotel Bangkok (54 Soi Ngam Duplee, Rama 4), longtime favorite, standard and luxury rooms, restaurant, pool.
Nana Hotel (Sukhumvit Soi 4), large 500-room gay-friendly hotel, breakfast buffets, pool, internet access.
Om Yim Lodge (72,74 Naratiwat, Silom), tidy guesthouse, Thai/western restaurant, WiFi,
Oriental Residence Bangkok (110 Wireless Rd), 145 suites and apartments, 5-star, full-service luxury hotel, full amenities; Chinese restaurant/bar. Near US and UK embassies.
Rose Hotel (118 Si Phraya, Surawong Rd), central gay-friendly, nicely-priced rooms, guests okay, pool, spa, gym, WiFi.
Saladaeng Colonnade (21 soi Saladaeng, Silom), teakwood apartments, fitness center, long pool, in-room breakfast, monthly rates.
Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok (Rama 1 Road 991/9), 303 rooms/suites, full service luxury hotel, restaurants/bars, fitness center and spa.
The Siam (3/2 Thanon Khao), 38 luxury suites and villas, boutique hotel, restaurants, bars, pool, sauna and spa.
Sofitel South Bangkok Hotel (2 N Sathorn Rd), 30-storey urban design luxury hotel, 238 rooms/suites, each with full media center and iPad.
Suriwongse Hotel (31/1, 33 Surawong Rd), gay-friendly, central rooms, 24-hour services, Jupiter go-go boy club at street level.
Tarntawan Place Hotel (119/5-10 Surawong Road) stylish hotel, simple and deluxe suites, daily newspaper, restaurant with Thai and Japanese specials.
Vincents Guesthouse (12/1 soi Ngam Duphli, Rama 4) spotless rooms, restaurant, near Lumphini Park.
W Bangkok (N Sathorn Rd 106, Silom), 403 stylish boutique rooms/suites, restaurants/bars, gym/spa, business center.

For more hotels in Bangkok see our maps & listings tab.


Bangkok Shopping, & Grooming
The streets between and around Skytrain (BTS) stations National Stadium, Siam and Chit Lom, along Rama I Road (becomes Sukhumvit going east) are home to a number of large shopping centers and thousands of small shops and restaurants. See locations and links on our map.

Asiatique The Riverfront (Wat Ratche Singkhon Pier), new riverside complex of renovated warehouses, shops, promenade, restaurants; also the Calypso Cabaret, and Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theatre.
Central Chidlom (1027 Ploenchit Rd), 8-floor luxury department store, gourmet supermarket and freshly prepared foods, international restaurant.
CentralWorld (Sukhumvit at Ratchadamri Roads), 8-story upscale shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, and entertainment complex.
The Chatuchak Weekend Market (Kamphaengpecth Station), among the world's largest, over 15,000 stalls on 27 acres of bargain hunters' delights, and plenty of food options too.
Cutey Beauty (Third Floor, Thaniya Plaza, Silom) hair coloring, cuts, massage, facials, body waxing, foot massage, etc.
Gateway Ekamai (Ekamai Station, Sukhumvit), Japanese lifestyles on 8 floors, fashions, restaurants, digital and electronic devices.
Gaysorn Plaza (Chit Lom Station, Ploenchit Rd), over 100 store include luxury brand names the likes of Prada, Gucci, Dior, and Vuitton.
Global Medical Clinic (281/15 Soi Silom Road; 2-635-5414) does cosmetic surgery, botox, lipoatrophy treatments.
Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company Shop & Cafe (9 Surawong Rd), traditional textiles factory outlet, contemporary art & design items, photo/art books, Thailand and SE Asian culture; plus Cafe 9, with Thai and international meals.
Khao San Road (Banglampu), famous strip of shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, and inexpensive hotels.
The huge MBK shopping mall has most everything in one location, a thousand stores, right by the National Stadium.
Pantip Plaza (604/3 soi Phetchaburi), electronics wonderland of computers, cameras, printers, software, repair facilities, music devices, and more.
Patpong/ Silom Night Market (Phat Pong 1), 7pm-midnight price-pleasing flea markets, clothing, music CDs, video DVDs, and food carts of every kind, each evening, except Mondays.
Siam Paragon Center, (Siam Station), fashion shows, aquarium, designer boutiques, restaurants and department stores.
Terminal 21 (Asoke Station), 9-floor center complex, shops, services, gourmet market, restaurants, cinema, fitness center.


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- Staff - January 2015