Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is the most gay-friendly destination in the Canary Islands, an archipelago situated just 130 miles off the northwest coast of Africa that for decades has been a favorite destination for Europeans in search of sunshine. In addition to fine beaches, the islands have a fascinating history to explore, and plenty of relaxed revelry to enjoy, all with Spanish flair.

It's generally accepted that the Gauches from North Africa, descendants of Berbers, originally settled the islands. They lived mainly in caves and under rock spurs. Left pretty much alone until the 14th century, they were taken as slaves by Italians, Portuguese and Catalans, forcibly converted to Christianity, and then quickly died out. In the mid 15th century the Spanish arrived to rule the islands.

On the southwest coast of Gran Canaria, the communities of Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, and San Augustin, have an abundance of shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs, mostly built since the 1960s, alongside the famous Maspalomas Dunes. In contrast, the northern coast has a more traditional cultural ambience, and a change of scenery. Known as a "miniature continent" with different climates, the landscapes range from long beaches and white sand dunes to mountain terrain and lush green ravines with picturesque villages. A third of the island has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Maspalomas has one of the best nude beaches in the world, complete with a gay section near the western end. There’s cruising in the nearby dunes, and shacks where you can buy cold drinks (but not cheap). The gay section is named for shack "Number 7" - just look for rainbow flags and the guys you saw at the clubs. You'll see northerners on the sand earlier (craving every ray of sunshine), while Spanish locals tend to come out for a dip, or for a beer at the "chiringuito" later, as the sun gets lower in the sky. Tip: pack up before nightfall or risk being eaten alive by sand fleas. See GCGay for good beach information, in Spanish or (google translation) English.

In many ways Maspalomas/ Playa del Inglés is the most laid-back of the four gay Spanish resorts. Unlike beach towns "on the Peninsula," winter doesn't shut things down, and a cultural separation from mainland Spain makes for a slower pace of life. As Key West differs from Fort Lauderdale, or Blackpool from Brighton, it's just different -- perhaps more Benidorm than Sitges -- and certainly not Ibiza. Fashions are more casual, the boy-next-door has grown up but he won't get turned away at the disco rope, and the partying usuallly ends when the sun comes up. Weekdays are slow, building up to the weekends. Sundays involve a lazy brunch, or Sunday roast, and time-out at the pool, but not T-party dancing. The scene is broadly international. British/Irish English and German, along with Spanish, are the most often heard languages, with a few French, Dutch, Italian and Scandinavian accents thrown in. But, end of the day, there are comfort zone retreats that provide all things familiar --beers and food from home, and the familiar acid wit of drag queen emcees. Also, with satellite TV, no one needs to miss their team's next game, or a favorite program episode.

It's well worth visiting the capital of Gran Canaria. With about 400,000 inhabitants, Las Palmas is less touristy than the south shore communities, and it offers more historical sights and some lovely architecture. The city has some beaches too, and local bars and restaurants serve traditional tapas, local seafood, beers and wines. Most Spanish businesses traditionally shut down during siesta hours, usually 2-5pm, so you'll find better eating and shopping options during the early evening hours than in the mid-afternoon, when most places in Spain look like ghost towns.

Gran Canaria's Gay Pride event attracts over 100,000 participants to Maspalomas for a whole week of entertainment and partying in May. Every business displays the colors of the rainbow. The streets are full of people in stunning costumes and suntanned men in skimpy swimsuits. The day ends in a huge outdoor dance party on Avenida de Tirajana.

Carnaval, celebrated in both Maspalomas and Las Palmas in weeks before Lent, include Drag Queen Night, shows, shows, parade floats, street festivals with thousands in costume, and parties at all the clubs. In Maspalomas the action centers around Yumbo Center, and along Avenida de Tirajana. Up north, Carnaval Las Palmas, which includes Gala de la Reina (Queen's Show), takes place in Parque Santa Catalina and Plaza de la Feria, with Carnaval al Sol and the grand finale Entierro de la Sardina (the Sardine's Funeral) seaside festivities, at Playa de Canteras.


Getting here

Several low-cost airlines fly from European cities to Gran Canaria Airport, including Ryanair from 30 cities, EasyJet from London, Vueling from 132 regional cities, Transavia from 3 Dutch cities, and BerlinAir from 15 German cities, among others around the world. Many major carriers land here too.

Canary Fly is a low-cost airline for getting between the islands, La Palma, Lanzarote, Tenerife, and Fuerteventura, plus some Africa connections. Binter Canarias also covers these routes, along with flights from Lisbon, Cape Verde, Madeira and some cities in Morocco.

The airport is about a 30-minute drive to Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles, and San Augustin. Many hotels and guesthouses will send a taxi to pick you up. Also see bus information, at the link below.


Getting around

Buses, known as guaguas, are a great way to get around Gran Canaria. Global service is not always frequent, but they operate many routes around the island, including from the airport, to both Las Palmas and Maspalomas.

Guaguas Municipales covers Las Palmas with more frequent bus service; also with tourist open-top city tours. Buy a 10-trip book of tickets for a fare discount.

Car rentals are easy and inexpensive, reserved ahead, and picked up at the airport - and local companies in town sometimes have good last minute deals too. Jeeps and 4×4s cost more, but they're fun up on the mountain roads.

With so many gay resorts, bars and restaurants packed in close together around Yumbo Center in Maspalomas, walking may often be the best option --but taxis aren't that expensive either.

GayBoat Gran Canaria offers gay group sailings every Friday. The pickup time is 2pm at mini golf Yumbo to board a catamaran at Puerto Rico for music, sun, sea and a stop at a small beach where parasailing and jetski rentals are optional.

GayJeep Gran Canaria takes you on a tour to some hidden corners of the island, far from the usual tourist trails, with a midday mountain village restaurant stop in Ayacata. Departs 11am from mini golf Yumbo center, with return by 4-5pm


Currency and Money

Since it’s part of Spain, Gran Canaria’s legal tender is the euro. Around 50 ATMs can be found at 14 banks and 20 shopping centers around Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas. Banks close at 2pm and on weekends, but the cash machine is usually behind a locked first door which will open with a card swipe. Check with your local bank to possibly save on withdrawal charges; your bank may have reciprocal agreements with local banks such as Barclays, BBVA or Santander. Informing your bank of travel plans will also make your credit card charges go more smoothly; likewise a credit card with a chip and 4-digit pin number is often preferred in Spain.



The infamous dunes provide opportunities for nudity and lots of all-male recreational fun. Best avoided during the heat of the day, but if you go, take water, and perhaps tangerines and/or dates for a quick energy boost. A hat is helpful too, especially for guys with shaved heads -- in straw or paper, Panama-style, they're cheap and disposable, and much cooler than a tight cap.

There are plenty of indoor cruising places too. Besides two saunas, several sex clubs and with naked nights in dark rooms with slings etc, and porn shop video lounges, there are dark rooms in the discos and in lots of other bars too, especially the men's clubs.  "A basic service, like running water" is how local blogspot GCGay puts it. Check out for more cruising tips.


Media and Resources

Guapo Magazine is a monthly local gay source for info on the bar/clubs, restaurants, hotel options and more, in English.

The best local gay websites for information on what's going on: GayMaspalomas, frequently updated and in English; GayNews-GranCanaria, information in German; GayCityMap magazine, gay map and website, and in English and Spanish. is another local guide, best in Spanish, but with a google-translate button for tolerable English (among other languages).

UM - UXXS Magazine is the "Queer Canary Lifestyle Mag," with news, interviews, and events listings in Spanish, English and German.

Maspalomas is the official tourism website, with useful general visitor information, also in Spanish, English and German.

JustGranCanaria website also has information for the whole island, from nightlife and shopping to camel safaris and submarine excursions. They also list restaurants, including the best places to find authentic Canarian cuisine, and 22 area museums, most of which are up north around Las Palmas.

For map locations and website links to the businesses below, and more, see our gay Gran Canaria listings pages.


Bars & clubs

Yumbo Commercial Center is the four-floor epicenter of Playa del Ingles. Here you'll find much of what's happening in gay Playa del Inglés. Their website lists over 40 gay bars, nightclubs and restaurant/cafes, plus shops, in a variety of international flavors and languages. Spend a lazy afternoon here, or party the night away. Their roster changes from season to season, but there's always another club nearby and a new one will open in place of one that closes.

Adonis (Yumbo 1st level, 111/11-12), large terrace cafe and pub, cocktails, sangria, snack foods, WiFi access, multi-lingual staff, mostly German ambience.

AxelBeach Hotel (Av Tirajana 32), one block west of Yumbo, SunGay T-dances, pool and After Beach parties with DJs, guest vocalists, gay + "hetero-friendly" special events and holiday parties.

Backroom (Yumbo, 2nd level 251/11), small men-only cruise and sex bar, dark room, WiFi, tapas; former Glory Hole Bar.

Bärenhöhle (Yumbo 1st level 151/9), 8pm-3am bar for bears and friends, good drinks prices.

Box (Yumbo 2nd level, 211/17-18, "small & sleezy" men's cruise/fetish bar, dark room, slings, 100% men-only.

Buddies (Yumbo 1st level, lower plaza level, 131/12-13) popular day and night British pub/bar from 10am daily with home-style comfort foods, all-day breakfasts and Sunday roasts; cocktails, local beers, spirits, live cabaret or drag shows, quiz nights, WiFi.

Cellar (Yumbo lower level, 161/7-9), 11pm-4am, exclusively men, fetish cruise bar; underwear, naked or jockstrap-only events, large playroom, terrace.

Centre Stage (Yumbo 2nd level, 231/2), cabaret shows in the "grand manner" nightly from 10pm. Yumbo's longest running gay bar.

Chez Funny Boy's (Yumbo 2nd level, 261/6-8), nightly interactive drag comedy and show bar, live vocalist entertainment.

Coco Loco (Yumbo  2nd level, 261/15), small video music, dance and party bar, terrace, young mix, live performances.

Construction Bar (Yumbo 1st level, 161/10-14), men's fetish and cruise bar, local and international guys, large terrace, darkroom with sling, porn videos.

Cruise Bar (Yumbo 2nd level, 261/9-13 ), 11pm-6am bear and leather fetish cruise bar since 1994, cabins, maze, slings, porn video room, glory holes, dark rooms; special party nights.

Diamonds (Yumbo 1st level, 131/21-22), "Yorkshire-speaking" cocktails and party bar from 11am, sunny south-west facing sunny patio, UK television shows on big screen.

Eiffel (Yumbo 1st level, 121/5-6), French bar, full bar cocktails, wines, coffees, teas and smoothies, relaxing music, jazz and French singers; former Fuze location.

Fiction (Yumbo 1st level, 111/1-2), music and video bar 'til 4am, sexy waiters in brief thongs, terrace tables, busy late at night, naked dancers on bar nights.

Gossip + Amigos (Yumbo 2nd level, 261/2-8), large terrace, young mixed crowd, go-go boys, show bar/drag cabaret, live entertainment nightly, weekend disco until dawn. Was Kingz.

Hell (Yumbo, 2nd level, 261-2, 3), men's sex/cruise bar, private cabins, beds, glory holes, dark room, porn videos, smoking area.

Junior Cafe & Pub, (Yumbo 1st level) terrace bar, German draft beer, younger mixed crowd, gay music hits in English, Dutch and German

KISS FM Lounge (Yumbo 1st level 161/20), radio station cocktail bar above Bunker Bar, international mix, drinks specials, theme party nights.

La Bulle (Yumbo 1st level, 131/26), cocktail lounge bar with terrace at people-watching level.

Macho Macho (Yumbo 2nd level, 261/19), brings a bit of Holland, good-looking German and international staff, pop music party atmosphere

Mantrix (Yumbo level 4, 421/4-14), gay dance and cruise club, dark rooms, cabins, large terrace, live entertainment.

Meicker, (Yumbo 1st level, 131/14) the only Danish-owned bar in Yumbo, daily from 8pm, mixed young to old international crowd, terrace, over 40 different kinds of shots.

Mykonos (Yumbo level 4, 421/1,2.3) late shift at upper levels. After-1am dance crowd, men-only dark room, friendly/cute bar staff, local and international spirits and beers, balcony.

Mystique Bar (Yumbo 1st level, 111/3-4), large terrace, cocktail bar, local diva Miss Abby drag hostess, mixed crowd.

O'Seven Bar (Yumbo 1st level, 141/3-5) - CLOSED AUG 2014 - lounge, terrace, music bar, cocktails, dance floor, German Schlager to dance and Spanish music, videos, dark room.

Parrots (Yumbo 252/7-12), cozy cocktail bar, Sitges spin-off, spacious terrace, good people watching, 7pm-3am, mixed crowd, cute staff; 50 different cocktails include Caipirinhas and Mojitos.

Peppermint (Yumbo 1st level, 121/3), open daily from 11am, coffee, cake, sorbets, milkshakesl cocktails, beer, and sandwiches, year-round heated terrace.

Pirates (Yumbo, 1st level, 111/6-7), 4pm-2am gay cocktail bar, mostly male German crowd, terrace tables. Former Block Bar site.

Rendezvous (Yumbo 1st level, 111/5) small and cozy Brit expat bar next to Fiction Bar, English beer on tap, large screen TV music videos, UK TV shows, WiFi access.

Ricky's Cabaret (Yumbo 1st level, 161/1-3), lively, award-winning drag cabaret shows, terrace, drag queen cocktails, British and international mixed crowd.

Sparkles (Yumbo 2nd level, 212/3-4), nightly variety shows, dancing, comedy and drag performances, plus karaoke. Large seating area, uniformly good views of the stage, mixed men/women, gay/straight crowd.

Spartacus (Yumbo 1st level, 151/3-4), 32 years-going-strong, late night gay crowd cocktail bar, people-watching terrace, partying 'til dawn.

Tubos (Yumbo level 4, 421/15-16), next to Mykonos, 11pm-3:30am young, international mixed crowd.

Wunder Bar (Yumbo 1st level, 151/1-2), next to Spartacus, popular bar, young German and international crowd, dance music and vocals, special party nights.

Xanadü Bar (Yumbo 1st level,131/1), lively, mostly British gay mix, men/women, parties, theme nights, WiFi.

ZaZa (Yumbo 1st level, 111/8-9), terrace cafe/bar, Spanish Caipirinha (wine and Champagne) specials among their 80 cocktails, German/International ambience.

See more bar listings on the Yumbo Centre website.


Saunas & cruising

Bunker (Yumbo 1st level, 161/20), men-only cruise/sex bar, dark rooms, slings, orgy bed, glory holes, showers, wet area, big screen porn videos.

Man's Plaza (Yumbo, lower level, 161/4-6), sex shop, gay cabins, video room, glory holes, toys, erotic cosmetics and lubes.

Reds (Av de Tirajana 17), 9pm-4am men's cruise and naked sex club on two levels, wet areas/shower, cabins, sling, glory holes, fetish nights.

Romeo & Julio (Av Francia, CC Cita, lower level), men-only cruise/sex club, international porn stars, live sex shows, go-go boys, dark room, glory holes, dance area, cabins, big bed, fetish nights.

Sauna Heroes (Yumbo, level 4, 422-1, 2 & 3), high-tech, state-of-the-art sauna, private and public showers, huge whirlpool, nooks and crannies for sex play, bar area drinks and snacks, therapeutic massages, ideal for post-beach or late-night visits.

See also the Backroom, Cellar, Construction, Cruise and Hell men's bars listed above, all with dark room action. The Mantrix dance club also has dark rooms, and several resorts are clothing-optional --see below.


Restaurants/ Cafes

Amigos Coffee/ Lounge (Av de Italia 11), coffees, teas, drinks/cocktails, breakfast, burgers, sanwiches, baked goodies, kebabs, sandwiches, paninis, salads, tapas, paella; desserts.

Café Duo (Av Alféreces Provisionales 22), opposite Hotel Neptuno, English, French, and German breakfasts all day from 8:30am, salads, snacks, pastries, cakes, coffees, Sunday brunch buffet, WiFi.

Cafe Wien (Cita Center, Av De Francia, 2), popular retreat half-way between Yumbo and the dunes, stylish teashop, pastry and cakes, hot and cold drinks.

Let Me Take You / Déjate Llevar (Dr Domingo Hernández Guerra 25), village of Tejeda gay cafe/restaurant soups, salads, meat/cheese plates, quiche, sushi, croquettes, asados, carpaccio, pizza, fresh juices, beverages; scenic mountain views, terrace, accommodations, WiFi.

Parrots Restaurant (Yumbo, 2nd level, 252/7-12), restaurant/bar, large terrace in a quiet corner; French and international dining nightly from 7pm, weekend drag cabaret shows.

Rainbow Cafe Bistro (Av Tirajana 9), two blocks south of Yumbo, German and English breakfasts, pizza and pasta, fish entrees, Bratwurst, Currywurst and snacks.

Restaurante Miramar Yumbo, (Yumbo, 2nd level, 241/5), open from 10am, serving breakfast early, then international fare until 11pm.

Restaurante Rías Bajas (Av De Tirajana at Estados Unidos), just outside the Yumbo, one of the better local dining options, Galician-style surf and turf specialities; seafood, roast lamb, onion soup and made in-house desserts.

Strand-apo-Theke (CC Oasis 35-36, Paseo del Faro), friendly beach cafe/bar, open September to May, noon-10pm M-F; German/ English/ Spanish international mix, currywurst, NYE Hangover Breakfast.

Valentines (Yumbo, 2nd level, 232/26), highly rated French restaurant, open daily from 7pm. Local fresh fish and meats, pastas and sauces from their own chefs.

Yumbo Center (Av de los Estados Unidos 54), besides all the bars, clubs and shops at this gay center, there are restaurants of many world cuisines, including those of Belgium, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, India, Spain and Thailand - plus supermarkets and a couple of mini-marts which also stock international foods.

The Cita Center (Av de Francia 2), a bit run down these days, but closer to the beach, with restaurants, cafes and mini-mart food options among the shops.

For those willing to venture outside town, there's Restaurante Tagoror (Montaya Las Tierras 21, Guayadeque; 34-928-17-2013). Set in the mountains in this Guanchen Village, they offer authentic Canarian food and entertainment. You can book a table through your hotel or tour operator, or call them direct.



AxelBeach Malpalomas (Av de Tirajana, 32; 34-928-767-863), the latest hotel from the gay/straight-friendly Barcelona/Berlin group, 92 modern apartments, sky bar, pool, lounge garden, wellness/gym/sauna facilities, WiFi, parties and events.

Basement Studios (Av de Estados Unidos, 37; 34-928-763-835), men-only resort complex dedicated to naked cruising and sexual freedom, opposite the Yumbo Center. Comfortable, well-equipped bungalows and studios, naked dark room, slings, glory holes. satellite TV with porn channel, pool, bar/cafe and cinema area. Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly memberships from just €10 for non-guests. Sunday afternoon free BBQ, Sunday and Wednesday night "Sexxx Party."

BeachBoys Boutique Resort (Campo International/Maspalomas; 34-649-019-985), luxury men-only gay resort, 20 minutes from C.C. Yumbo, near dunes, 12 unique bungalows, each with city theme: Berlin, London, New York, Paris, etc. Private terraces overlook clothing-optional pool, bar, suptropical gardens; heated jacuzzi, massage, plasma SatTV, kitchens, WiFi.

Birdcage Resort (Calle de Egipto 10; 49-893-815-1778), men-only gay resort close to Yumbo Center, rich breakfasts, pool, whirlpool, sundeck, tropical garden, relaxing music, Wellness Spa, and trained massage therapists.

Bungalows Tenesoya (Av de Tenerife 18; 34-928-765-071), 12 one and two-bedroom/living room kitchenettes for gay men; pool in garden area, stereo and TV.

Club Torso (Av Touroperador Kuoni 46; 34-928-948-519), men-only 12-bungalow gay resort, clothing-optional pool and Jacuzzi, buffet breakfast, bar/kitchen; walk to dunes or bars.

Grand Hotel Residencia (Av del Oasis 32; 34-928-723-100), 94-room luxury seaside hotel, prestigious chefs' restaurant, piano bar/ terrace, pool/ spa.

Hotel Neptuno (Av Alféceres Provisionales, 29), just north of Yumbo Center, gay-friendly 171-room resort hotel, 18+ adult-only, SatTV, WiFi, pool, terrace, balconies, restaurant, karaoke bar, gym/fitness, steam/sauna, spa and massage.

Let Me Take You (Dr Domingo Hernández Guerra 25), gay accommodations for every budget: hostels, apartments, rural houses, rural hotel and more; island center bar lounge café with soups, salads, cakes, natural fruit juices, plus international newspapers, WiFi, and garden terrace. Island tours and airport transfers.

Los Almendros (Av de Francia, 3; 34-928-761-688), gay and lesbian resort bungalows near Cita Center, tropical garden, clothing-optional pool, Jacuzzi and sauna; gym, bar, restaurant/lounge, WiFi.

Los Tucanes (Av de los Estados Unidos 29; 34-928-760-558), 32 bungalows/kitchenettes at Yumbo Center; pool, TV, WiFi, breakfast, near most gay nightlife.

Nayra Gay Resort (Calle Irlanda, 25; 34-928-773-466), men-only resort opposite Yumbo Center, 20 bungalows, bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, palm garden,TV/AC, microwave, fridge; terrace, internet. Heated pool, Jacuzzi. Bar/nightclub with play rooms open to both guests and visitors. Closing for renovations May 1, 2015.

Pasion Tropical (Calle Las Adelfas 6, San Agustin; 34-928-770-131), beautiful complex on the coast at San Augustin, about five-minutes taxi ride from Playa del Ingles. A tropical oasis of natural gardens, pool area with Jacuzzi, sun deck and bar, roof deck overlooking the sea. Studios, private apartment/kitchenettes, WiFi access satellite TV, and generous continental buffet breakfasts.

Rainbow Golf Bungalows (Touroperador Finnmatkat 6), gay men-only boutique resort bungalows by the 18-hole Maspalomas Golf course, also near Meloneras Golf; 21 units, reasonable prices, clothing-optional heated pool, Jacuzzi, gym, satellite TV, WiFi, massage.

Tropical La Zona Gay Bungalows (Av Sargentos Provisionales 18; 34-928-773-342), gay men's kitchenette units, TV, stereo, DVD, WiFi; large clothing-optional swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, gardens, cafe-bar and fetish-equipped cruising area.

Villas Blancas (Av de Tjaereborg, Campo de Golf; 34-928-770-122), gay men-only resort, 30 villas and bungalows with kitchen, satellite TV, internet; two clothing-optional pools, restaurant/bar, sauna, massage, excursions.

The GayMaspalomas website can book you into these and other small gay resorts, including: Artemisa Gay Bungalows with 28 units at the center; and Paso Chico, with 6 poolside bungalows, across from the Yumbo.

The Yumbo website lists several gay-friendly resorts, including: Aparthotel Rondo 98-room poolside hotel with Miraflor Suites kitchenette bungalows; and Vista Bonita, 20 duplex apartments with tropical garden pool, Jacuzzi, and bar on the south coast of Gran Canaria, in Sonnenland.

The Rui hotel group has two large hotels right at the edge of the Maspalomas Dunes -- on each side of the gay beach and cruise area. See our maps & listings page for the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas and the Riu Grand Palace Maspalomas Oasis, plus the IFA Dunamar Hotel overlooking Playa del Inglés.

Dreamhomes (Av Tirijana 11, Edificio Taidia; 34 928 779 078) offers complete property services and well-informed assistance with local investments. They boast extensive experience in all aspects of property purchases --and with prices suprising cheap, your dream home could be closer than you think.

Home Sweet Home offers holiday-letting services in Playa del Ingles, with a range of 233 apartments and rooms. Options include rooms in lavish shared accommodations with pool and wi-fi, or self-contained apartments. Even those with the most basic facilities have pool access and a balcony.


Shopping/ Services

Gay Travel Team (Eusebio Navarro 6, Vecindario), Gay hotels/resorts, cruises, events bookings, travel services/tours, airport transfers.

Hot Garage (Yumbo, 315 - 321, Av de Tirajana at Av Alférez Provisionales), unisex shop, underwear, erotic DVD videos, toys, cruise cabins.

Namaste Spa Experience (Av Alfereces Provicionales 22, near Hotel Neptuno), wellness center; therapeutic, anti-stress, sport, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, Thai, four-hands and Tantra/sensual massage/therapies. Also sunbeds and luxury skin treatments.

Why Not (Yumbo, 3rd level, 331-2), men's fashions/ underwear, brands include ES Collection, Addicted, Desigual, Virtual, Olaf Benz.

For more stores see the website of Yumbo Centre.


Check Out the Capital

Set between two bays with beautiful beaches, on the northeast coast of the island, the city was founded by the Spanish in 1478. Rich in cultural and historical heritage, especially in Vegueta, the oldest part of town, it has a cosmopolitan feel without being as touristy as Maspalomas. The distinct Canarian culture is perhaps best experienced at one of many cafes and restaurants; also in the streets during Carnaval Las Palmas celebrations, held just before Lent. Around 10 museums of history and modern art can also be found here, as well as many small shops. Vela Latina Canaria regattas and the Lucha Canaria, similar to Japanese sumo wrestling, are two more annual events to check out.

The Gran Terraza Lolita Pluma (Parque Santa Catalina 7) is a Las Palmas landmark, literally a grand terrace cafe named in homage to a local colorful character who once fed street cats and sold chewing gum to tourists, in the park that faces here.

Restaurante Clandestino (Calle Doctor Miguel Rosas 8), Las Palmas cuisine in the harbor area from 1pm daily, gay-friendly atmosphere; steak, seafood, pastas, tempora.

Sauna Portugal (Calle Portugal 37, Las Palmas), men's club on two levels, Finland and steam saunas, free cabins and darkroom, bar and massage services.

For an entertaining gay tour, try Let Me Take U for an excursion with highlights you might miss if on your own. They offer group or individual Las Palmas tours with a bit of the city's history and a visit to some local gay bars and clubs too.

- staff - January 2015