When it comes to Spain, Barcelona and Madrid are considered the main gay destinations, but don’t tell that to Seville. This artistic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain and the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia is the fourth largest Spanish city with a metro-area population of around 1.5 million.

Hercules was considered the mythic founder of the city, known in Roman times as Hispalis. Well-preserved Roman ruins of the ancient town of Italica, or at the modern city of Carmona nearby, give an idea how it might have looked. Today the buildings at Seville city center show strong influences of the more recent Moorish, medieval, renaissance and baroque periods.

Gay nightlife is vibrant year-round: stroll down to La Alameda de Hércules, a square named after the legendary founder, where most of the city’s best gay bars are located. As for finding your own demigod, you’re on your own, but if it's big you like, you're in luck. The city has a large bear population, and every fall the population swells even more for a hirsute festival called GuadalkiBear The name’s a play on the Guadalquivir River that runs alongside town. There’s also a developing gay presence at the carnival-like Feria, a citywide festival held each year in April or May.


Getting here

The Aeropuerto de Sevilla is about 20-30 minutes by bus from downtown. These run from the airport to Plaza de Armas at the center every 30 minutes, every day between 5:20am and 1:15am (from city center to airport 4:30 to 00:30). Single tickets cost €4. Taxis are another way to get to your hotel.


Getting around

Seville has a compact downtown made for strolling. Traffic in these narrow streets is difficult and signs are confusing, so except for when taking out of town trips, a car is more hassle than it's worth. Taxis are everywhere, and not expensive. A short trolley line covers a route down the main street. For public transportation information in English, see Explore Seville or Besides metro train and bus options, they list bicycle rentals, taxi referrals, even horse and carriage rides. Tussam, the official website, is Spanish-language only.

Tourist Offices at the airport, the Santa Justa train station and at Plaza del Triunfo (among other locations) can help with maps, pamphlets, transportation information, and tips on current exhibits and events around town - in English and (except for some guide books) at no cost.


What to do

The Moorish-style Alcázar, the old palace, is a stunning sight. Make sure to take a stroll through the formal gardens in the rear. The Catedral de Sevilla dominates the center of the city — not surprising, as it’s one of the largest cathedrals in the world. The bell tower, called the Giralda, is built in an obviously different style because it was the minaret of the mosque at this site. Don’t miss the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, the old Jewish Quarter until the Jews were expelled from the city in 1483.


Currency and Money

Spain’s official currency is the euro. There are ATMs scattered about the center, so you won’t have trouble getting more cash. Check with your home bank before leaving to avoid credit card transaction red flags, and consider getting a credit card with a chip (and pin number) for more security, and to use in machines that require them. If a local bank is a partner of your home bank you can avoid or discount the ATM withdrawal fees when using your debit card. Also ask for a non-800 number to reach your bank in case of emergency -- most US  toll-free numbers don't work outside North America.


Phones and email

If your cell phone won't work here (consult your provider) you can pick one up for as little as 10-20 euros and add time as you need it. Some major companies have brand stores (Orange, Vodafone, Movistar), but many other stores sell them. Be ready to show your passport and give an address. They're great if you're in a group of people who like to roam solo, then meet up again later; also for ways to follow up with new friends made along the way.  Incoming calls are free but outgoing transatlantic calls are expensive - for those find a "locatoria" internet storefront with rates of 10-20 cents per minute. They also offer computers to check your email or use skype. In a crunch, most pay phones take coins - but have several euros in hand to feed it, before you dial (for North America: 001 + the area code and number).

Media & Resources

Shangay, the Spanish national gay magazine, has some Seville listings and news on their website, in Spanish. The German website Patroc has reliable and up-to-date listings for gay Seville in English.

For local info on bears, chubby mature, supporters, admirers & chasers in Andalusia, check the website of  GuadalkiBear.

Seville Tourist, and Explore Seville are useful general information websites to check out.

See our gay Seville map and listings pages for some hotel & guesthouse and restaurant suggestions, near the gay scene at city center.


Going Out

1987 Bar (Alameda de Hércules 93), after 10:30pm Wednesday-Saturday gay-friendly neighborhood copas bar, music videos, terrace.

Bohemia Bar (Calle Amor de Dios 44), "cafe, copas & cocktails" neighborhood bar, gay mix, popular with bears, Sunday drag shows, holiday parties.

El Bosque Animado (Calle de Arias Montano, 5), popular 8pm-3am gay cafe and bar at center, busiest Fridays and Saturdays, large late-night terrace crowd; coffees and pastries, holiday fiestas, mostly gay men but women/straight-friendly mix.

El Hombre y el Oso (Calle Amor de Dios, 38), men-only bear bar, open nightly from 10pm, porn videos, dark playroom, Sunday underwear parties.

Gold Sevilla (Avenida Torneo 43), Friday and Saturday gay dance club/ cocktail lounge, outdoor terrace, mixed/ mostly younger male crowd, shows, go-go dancers and theme parties. Former Lux Sevilla location.

Itaca (Calle Amor de Dios 31), nightly 10pm-7am cocktail lounge, gay disco dancing, go-go dancers, chill-out and cruise areas, Wednesday-Thursday drag shows; theme nights, Underwear, Pride and Rome special event parties.

Men to Men (Calle Trajano 38), bears/men's cruise bar on two floors 10:30pm-3am, DJs, dancing, drag shows, porn videos, dark room, cabins.


Saunas & Sex Clubs

Club Extrem (Calle Química 12), nightly except Monday men's sex club/bar in northside industrial area, open late Friday/Saturday; naked, jocktrap and underwear nights, leather/fetish/kink/uniform parties, glory holes, sling. Into the Tank party site.

Sauna Hispalis (Calle Céfiro, 3), dry and steam saunas, Jacuzzi, porn videos, cabins, darkroom and cruise maze; younger crowd, popular Saturday nights/Sunday afternoons.

Sauna Nordik (Calle Resolana, 38), gay men's Turkish & Finnish saunas, two Jacuzzis, heated pool, private cabins, massage services, porn videos, bar; bears/mature crowd.

- Staff December 2014