On the Scheldt River, linked to the North Sea by the Westerschelde estuary, Antwerp has one of the largest seaports in Europe. That has been good and bad for the city, bringing the energy and wealth associated with international merchants and sailors for centuries -- but also the marauding soldiers of foreign armies. In the 16th century this was among the largest and richest European cities, sitting at the enter of the entire international economy. A big population of foreign residents, and a vibrant Jewish community gave the city a very cosmopolitan and tolerant atmosphere. That Golden Age collapsed with Spanish attacks at the beginning of the Eighty Years War in 1572, and the closing of the Scheldt to shipping in 1648. The Napoleanic wars, and fighting between French, Dutch and Belgian insurgents continued into the 19th century. The city again became a battleground in 1944, between British and German forces.

Destroyed neighborhoods were rebuilt after the war with modern architecture, and the Jewish quarter by the train station was restored, to become again the center of world trade in diamonds.

Antwerp's 17th century school of painting included Rubens, Van Dyck, Jordaens, and the two Teniers among others. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts collection includes old masters such as Rubens, Van Dyck, Titian and leading Dutch artists.

The annual August Bollekesfeest festival showcases local products such as the amber beer known as "Bolleke" from the De Koninck Brewery, Mokatine candy from Confiserie Roodthooft, Elixir D'Anvers liqueurs, local roasted coffee (Koffie Verheyen), Poolster pickled herrings, and Equinox horse meat. Antwerpse Handjes, are hand-shaped cookies of almonds and chocolate, baked in Antwerp.

Located in the Flemish part of Belgium, many visitors say it feels more like Amsterdam than Brussels, and most natives speak Antverpian, a Dutch dialect, at home. French and English are widely used. 

In one of the year’s first major leather events, the Antwerp Leather Pride events in February brings in guys from all over Europe and beyond. 

Antwerp Antwerp Pride takes place in August with big dance and fetish parties, a festival at Grote Markt, concerts, performers, and lots more going on all over the city for 4 days. See our events listings for more information on these, and more.


Getting here

Although Antwerp's Deurne Airport has a few flights, most visitors fly into Brussels National Airport. The airport train station is below the terminal (basement level-1). Around 4 trains per hour connect to the Brussels North, Brussels Central and Brussels Midi stations. See schedules and info for services to and from other cities including Antwerp by rail at Belgian Railways. There is also bus service from the airport - find the station on level 0, one floor down from the arrivals hall. The De Lijn website has bus information. 

The direct Brussels to Antwerp Airport Express leaves every hour between 5am (7am Sundays) and midnight daily. Coaches depart from the back of platform B at the bus station (level 0), and take 45 minutes to arrive at the "De Keyserlei"  stop, near central station.

Getting around

Antwerp is a compact city, and most of the sights are within walking distance of each other. Alternatively, trams, buses, and taxis are easy to find and quite inexpensive. For helpful tips on public transportation see the Antwerp Tourist Guide.


Gay bars, clubs, and saunas are scattered throughout Antwerp.


Currency and Money

Belgium is part of the Euro Zone, so the euro is the accepted currency. There are plenty of ATMs in the downtown area.


Media and resources

The Antwerp Tourist Guide tells where and how to get around, sleep, eat, and find entertainment. For the City of Antwerp guide to the city see Visit Antwerp - in four languages.

Antwerp Pride, with events at the end of each June, has an informative website too - in English among five languages; with interactive and pdf maps of gay venues, and info on what's happening around town, year-round.

For map locations and website links to the businesses below, and more, see our gay Antwerp listings pages.



B & B 2000 guesthouse (Van Boendalestraat 8), gay-run b&b, heart of Antwerp by Franklin-Roosevelt-Plaats. Spacious rooms, shared bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, substantial breakfast, comforts of home.

G8 Guesthouse (Geulicxstraat 8), men's hotel near gay bars; double, four-bed dorm room, secure lockers, shared bathroom, house-rules that encourage fun and freedom, popular with leather, rubber and uniform guys.

Guesthouse Leman (Generaal Lemanstraat 16), 1880 house at southern end of Antwerp, easy tram or train access; large, modern, luxurious two room suite.

See more lodging options, links and booking information for the above at our maps & listings tab.


Going out

Bonaparte (Grote Markt 21), Sunday 5-11pm gay T-Dance, straight-friendly, young mixed gay crowd, pancakes freebies.

Boots (Aerdtstraat 22), big leather, rubber, skin, uniforms, sports cruise club, basement bar; for Sunday fetish dress code check website.

Cafe den Draak (Draak Plaats 1), cafe and bar at Het Roze Huis (Pink House) gay and lesbian community center.

Cafe Delux (Melkmarkt 18), modern, stylish cafe & bar, gay men/women, young and older mixed crowd, open daily until 2am.

Cafe Que Pasa (Lange Koepoortstraat 1), locals bar, daily except Mondays with WiFi, drag, talent and quiz shows. Latin nights, DJ sets.

Cafe Strange (Dambruggestraat 161), oldest gay bar in town, mixed, mostly older crowd, open daily 5pm-2am, except Monday.

D-Club (Damplein 27), neo-gothic style former train station, bar, party venue, Saturday gay/mixed dance club.

Hessenhuis Cafe (53 Falconrui), Thursday to Sunday community club, cafe noon to 3pm, theme nights, shows, go-go boys.

Kinky's (Lange Beeldekensstaat 10), behind Central Station, fetish events, every night naked-optional, jockstraps, slips or chaps; lockers, showers and towels included with admission price.

Oink Club (Van Schoonbekeplein 3) - CLOSED October 2014 - hard cruising, men only, fetish/ leather/ rubber/ uniform club.

Popi Cafe (12 Plantinkaai), gay cafe, terrace, open daily, lunch, coffee, beer, fine whiskeys, mixed gay crowd.

Que Pasa (Lange Koepoortstraat 1), party bar, drag shows, contests, quiz nights, Latin nights, WiFi.

Ran.dom (Geulincxstraat 28), gay/mixed bar, DJs, drag cabaret shows, theme parties, go-go dancers, men's cruise maze, food.

Red & Blue (Lange Schipperskapelstraat 11-13), men-only Friday and Sunday night disco dances until 7am, go-go boys in sexy costumes, or hardly anything at all; restaurant, theme nights.

See more restaurants, plus maps and website links for bars, shops and saunas, at our maps & listings tab.

Parties include Dirty Pop at Publik, (Lange Brilstraat 12). Special nights include first Saturdays Studio 54 at Red & Blue, plus special dates, and Pannekoek gay weekly T-Dance, each Sunday 5-1pm at Bonaparte.


Sauna 't Herenhuis (63 De Lescluzestraat), in Antwerpen-Berchem suburb, homey comfort, relaxation, facilities include jacuzzi, swimming pool, dry and steam saunas, video lounge, and bar.

Sauna Kouros (Botermelkbaan 50), in Schoten, about 30 minutes by bus from Antwerp; huge, grand sauna facility, inside and outdoors pools, sunbathing areas, gardens, steam and dry saunas, bar and restaurant. Take bus 610 from Rooseveltplaats to Schoten stop - ask the driver.


Restaurants and Cafes

Cafe Confituur (Minderbroedersrui 38), international food, meals, snacks, pastas, salads, veggie options, beer and wine, brunch

Cafe Delux (Melkmarkt, 18), modern, stylish cafe & bar, mixed gay crowd, open daily.

Chocolatier Burie (Korte Gasthuisstraat 3), fine confections of Belgian chocolate.

Eetcafe 't Injaske (Grote Kauwenberg 5), food of Flanders & Italy, meat or veggie, lunch/dinner.

Garde Ville (Nationalestraat 41), pastas, sandwiches, coffeehouse beverages.

Monkey King (Lange Dijkstraat 12), authentic, inexpensive Asian food; hot beverages, beer, wine, aperitifs and cognacs.

Red Star Cafe (Van Schoonbekeplein 9), gay-friendly trendy cafe/bar/bistro, lunch from 11am.

Reload Restaurant (Korte Winkelstraat 11), small gay-friendly restaurant, daily Belgian food specials.

Sjalot en Schanul Restaurant (Oude Beurs 12), healthy & Mediterranean food, eat-in/take-out.

Zoro (Leopoldplaats 5) - CLOSED - French & Mediterranean brasserie cuisine, cocktail lounge, open terrace.



Boekhandel 't Verschil (33 Minderbroedersrui), gay and lesbian bookstore, vast selections in several languages, fiction, non-fiction, photo books, gay cinema and hard-core DVDs. Also small cafe and sidewalk terrace.

ES Collection (Lange Koepoortstraat 54), the Barcelona company with very graphic ads; designer underwear, swim and athletic wear, shirts, jeans, accessories.

ManPlayz (Sint-Jacobsmarkt 75), fetish/sex shop, toys, jewelry and accessories, underwear; cruising area, internet porn movies on demand.

Plan B Fetish Depot (Klapdorp 54-56), full range of fetish gear, toys, Mr B and Rob items; also second-hand bikersuits, leather pants, boots and DVDs.

Toys-4-Boys (Nosestraat 6), Thursdays through Sundays store, leather and rubber fashion and fetish items, toys, piercings, accessories.

- Staff - February 2015